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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.25.09] movie trailer news horror

When we first heard snorts about director David Gueringer's new indie horror outing, The Pig People, starring rappers lil' Romeo and Master P, we were obviously skeptical. Would the film turn out to be half-assed puff project for the young rapper to break into the world of movie acting, or would it be an interesting low budget thriller. Well now, thanks to The Foywonder and our pals over at Dread Central, we've finally got some footage to pass further judgment on. And, while it ain't stellar, it ain't half bad either. I know that's not the strongest endorsement but hey, this movie's called "The Pig People" and it stars Lil' Romeo... what do you want from me.

Lil' Romeo leads a group of college students into the woods to shoot a documentary about a local urban legend: half-human, half-pig beings called "The Pig People". Much to their dismay of their life expectancy, the local legend turns out to be all too real.

Both trailers are after the break. The acting in the first ones a little hammy (heh) but beyond that there's some decent atmosphere and gore to be found.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

It says "video no longer available"


KORiA (11 years ago) Reply

Trailer worked for me. It might be the region you're in or an error on youtubes part.

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