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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.26.09] post apocalyptic news video

You know, here at Quiet Earth we talk a lot about the apocalypse. Oh sure it's all fun and games when you're sitting in your living room watching Mad Max jumping off an oil tanker at 120 mph. Or when you simply have to press "pause" on your Xbox so that mutant doesn't chomp you when you take another swig of that beer propped between your belly and your chin. But what about the real apocalypse? Are the makers of our favorite movies and video games putting enough thought into imparting on us the skills we'll all need to survive the coming hellscape?

It's an interesting debate which often gets swept under the rug, which is why I'm not surprised that The Onion news team were the only dudes ballsy enough to bring it out into the open. I suggest you watch their informative newscast after the break and get involved for a change.

Thanks to Quiet Earth reader Ben for tipping us off to this issue.

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

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Strangelove (12 years ago) Reply

I think they are making fun of Glenn Beck. Recently he had many guests who were predicting apocalyptic scenarios for America.


Michael Allen (10 years ago) Reply

I have to use this sometime: "a brutal hellscape."

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