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quietearth [Film Festival 03.02.09] movie news

The good folks at TLA Releasing which provide great genre fare via their Danger After Dark label have just sent out a press release containing just a few of the genre films playing at the Philly Film Fest which has over 250 films this year. Some notables: I Sell The Dead, Able, Linkeroever (Left Bank), Moon and one of our personal favorites, Before The Fall.

Festival website Runs March 26th through April 6th.

Oh, not to mention the 20th Century Boys part 2 world premier!

So check after the break for the sneak peek!


I SELL THE DEAD (USA, 2008) Directed by Glenn McQuaid.
[our review]
Starring Dominic Monahan, Larry Fessenden, Ron Perlman, Angus Scrimm. Vampires, ghouls and vicious rivalries are just part of the fantastical adventures this devilishly mischievous horror film that slayed audiences at Slamdance 09 and Toronto After Dark Film Festival. East Coast Premiere

ABLE (USA/Germany, 2008) Directed by Marc Robert.
As an aggressive virus ravages the city, a group of Berliners resort to their basic animal instinct for survival, resulting in disturbing and murderous consequences. North American Premiere

ART OF THE DEVIL 3 (Thailand, 2008) Directed by the Ronin Team.
Revenge is served hot, quick and drenched in more bloody ooze imaginable in this scream-inducing, spectacularly creative, and violent prequel that makes the popular Saw franchise seem like child’s play. Philadelphia Premiere

4BIA (Thailand, 2008) Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun, Paween Purikitpanya, Youngyooth Thongkonthun, Parkpoom Wongpoom.
In this aggressively scary terror ride, Thailand’s best directors take no prisoners, delivering four tales of horror guaranteed to shake, rattle and roll your nerves. Philadelphia Premiere

HANGER (Canada, 2009) Directed by Ryan Nicholson.
Full frontal nudity, female masturbation and vaginal mutilation are just the tip of the iceberg in the latest, gross-out and repulsively satisfying revenge shocker from the director of Gutterballs and Live Feed. Ryan Nicholson and actors in attendance!! World Premiere

LEFT BANK (Belgium, 2008) Directed by Pieter Van Hees.
[our review]
Surmounting doubt, dread and helplessness fuels an attractive woman’s state of mind as she begins to unlock a mystery, that will put her face to face with an ancient, unknowable evil. Philadelphia Premiere

NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD (Australia, 2008) Directed by Mark Hartley.
Forget about Peter Weir art films or Nicole Kidman musicals. “Ozploitation” was the gleefully dirty sibling of the Australian film industry by celebrating full frontal nudity (we’ve got bush), unrelenting gore and over-the-top explosive mayhem in the 70s and 80s. East Coast Premiere

PLAGUE TOWN (USA, 2008) Directed by David Gregory.
[our review]
Brutally sadistic, mutant children begin a cat and mouse game with an American family on a stomach churning quest to add more victims to their world. Philadelphia Premiere

STRAIGHT FOR THE KILL: Shorts Program Enter a dark lair of twisted films as you take small bites of terror, horror and animated fantasy, served quick and fast. From killer trees to serial killers to children in jeopardy, it’s a smorgasbord of gruesomeness, fun and dark humor featuring some of the best in genre short films including popular selections from multiple Fantastic Festivals around the world. Films featured: The Fairy Princess, A Little Mouth to Feed, Rite, Side Effect, White Radishes, I Don’t Sleep I Dream, The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon, The Painter of the Skies and Treevenge.

20th CENTURY BOYS Philadelphia Premiere
20th CENTURY BOYS 2 World Premiere
Both films directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi of 2LDK fame.


MOON (Britain, 2009) Directed by Duncan Jones.
Starring Sam Rockwell, Voice of Kevin Spacey.In this independent science-fiction thriller, Sam Rockwell’s brilliant performance and Duncan Jones’ (David Bowie’s son) expert direction made this one of the must-see films at Sundance 09. East Coast Premiere

SITA SINGS THE BLUES (USA, 2008) Directed by Nina Paley.
A rousing mash-up of shadow puppetry and full on Technicolor Bollywood splendor, director Nina Paley’s autobiographical, animated concoction explodes of the screen. Philadelphia Premiere

SURVEILLANCE (USA, Germany, 2008) Directed by Jennifer Lynch. Starring Julia Ormond, Bill Pullman, Michael Ironside. When a series of shocking and grotesque murder disrupts the normally tranquil open plains of America’s heartland, the FBI is called in to piece together the three survivors’ very different stories. Philadelphia Premiere

MORTADELLO AND FILEMON: MISSION – SAVE THE PLANET (Spain, 2008) Directed by Miguel Bardem. Inept super spies Mortadello and Filemon are reunited to save the world from drought in this visually outlandish and wildly cartoonish caper spoof. North American Premiere

BEFORE THE FALL (Spain, 2007) Directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez.
[our review]
A meteor is approaching the earth and all life will be extinguished in three days, but one family has a more pressing fear – a deranged and vengeful killer just released from prison is headed their way in this original apocalyptic thriller. East Coast Premiere

GOD’S FORGOTTEN TOWN (Spain, 2008) Directed by Juan Carlos Claver. When a film crew begins to unlock the dark secrets of an abandoned town, the battle between good and evil begins in this Spanish mystery thriller. U.S. Premiere

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