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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.12.09] movie trailer news

Russian wunderkind Timur Bekmambetov (Nightwatch, Wanted) is attached to so many cool projects right now that I must say we were just a tad surprised to find that none of them are to be the next release with his name on it. His next is a mysterious Russian superhero flick called Black Lightning (Черная молния). Warning: bad translation ahead.

A usual student of Moscow VUZ (Institute of Higher Education) who is randomly becomes the possessor of a used domestic vehicle, which, as it is explained, can fly! Our main hero is converted from a simple person, into the super-hero, the defender of city, mysterious fighter against evil.

The film is directed by Alexander Voytinskiy and we've got the teaser for you after the break which points to a 2009 release date so yeah, just a little surprising no one has reported or seems to know much about it yet.

UPDATE: Thanks to our friend nekrosoma, we know this has 2 directors and a release date set for December 31st, 2009. Expect more updates as he finds more.

UPDATE 2: This is being touted as the "Russian response for Transformers and Batman" by Timur himself who is co-producing behind his own company, Bazelevs with Universal Pictures. In the 8 million dollar range, the film seems to be an ode to the every day heros, those that live for others and not themselves. The car is a Volga which has a rich history and connotations in Russian culture, kind of like a Russian Mercedes. It was considered a luxury car for middle to high management and political figures, but it's not the most luxurious car for top leaders. Also, from what nekrosoma can gather the film started production last December (we're guessing pre-production) and filming will start in the next few months. The first director, Alexander Voytinskiy is Timur's buddy from college whose done music videos and ads for tv. The other director is Dmitry Kiselev was 2nd unit director on Night Watch and Wanted. Special thanks to our friend nekrosoma for all the info.

Teaser after the break.

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Highlander (12 years ago) Reply

Yes, two directors: Alexander Voytinskiy and Dmitrij Kiselev.


Highlander (12 years ago) Reply

Also DP of this movie is Sergey Trofimov, who worked with Bekmambetov ("Night Watch", "Day Watch").

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