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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.20.09] post apocalyptic movie trailer news dystopic

When I first saw footage from Neil Johnson's ambitious scifi flick, Humanity's End, I was immediately blown away by what a SFX extravaganza it was shaping up to be. But man, nothing prepared me for what I'm seeing in this new trailer that's been released for the project. Sure the CGI work isn't up to the level of what I assume James Cameron is cooking up for us with Avatar but the sheer amount of wicked FX shots and costumes in this thing is just mind boggling. I gotta see this thing now.

The year is 3313. Mankind is being systematically massacred throughout the galaxy by an invading species.

All hope is lost until the last strand of pure human DNA is found on a remote planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. Now, an epic battle will be waged across time and space to save and protect the last of the human race.

Humanity's End comes to us from Morphius Film, the same crew who gave us Battlespace, so you can expect it'll be straight to DVD. Trailer after the break.

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quietearth (12 years ago) Reply

Now THAT looks friggin awesome!


bad dog (12 years ago) Reply

The quality of the special effects were actually pretty darned good for a lower-budget movie, at least from what I could tell from the trailer. But it's funny, these movies often fail not from the special effects, but from the things that I would guess don't cost a lot--good acting (there are tons of actors out there looking for work, and many of them are good) and good writing. We all know a good script from a bad one when we watch a movie, and yet whether these movies are expensive blockbusters or low budget films, they often have similar predictable, boring plotting and outright laughable stupidity in the writing ... One always assumes the smaller players in a market innovate to differentiate themselves with a superior, original, cutting-edge product, but that's almost never the case, they're usually low-grade imitations--bottom feeders poorly imitating the blockbusters ... Maybe it has to do with how these things are funded, the investors always get nervous if the film is innovative, they want to see what they've always seen, not realizing true success for low-budget movies comes from being original and "true" ...


Hot Fuzz (12 years ago) Reply

Very true bad dog. Sometimes all a low-budget genre film needs is a high concept and a tight script. There are tons of examples of this though Primer and Cube come immediately to mind.

But you know, it always cool too when a low budget project has the ambition to do stuff that would seem to be beyond their means. This looks like Starship Troopers meets Dune which makes it rad in my books.


Neil Johnson (12 years ago) Reply

Thank-you for the nice comments... yes there is a bit of Dune in this film! The trailer does not do the film justice.... there is so much more in the characters and even the new effects that are being done at the moment. We are trying our best to make the film unique and interesting... I will be glad to hear comments from you after the film is done so we know how to continue to improve.


bad dog (12 years ago) Reply

@Neil: Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog and get in touch with your audience. I thought the trailer looked good and will be interested in seeing the film. Sci fi looks like an easy genre but it is actually much harder than many people think it is, so I admire you taking on this project. I wish you best of luck with it. Maybe one of the QuietEarth bloggers will interview you or produce a thread allowing you to take questions from this site's visitors.


Baldwin (12 years ago) Reply

He looks like a Baldwin.


Luis Peres (11 years ago) Reply

This movie to me was a real surprise this year. I was looking for some crappy scifi b-movies on the web and i came across Humanitys End. I have to say i absolutely loved this one and i´ve been giving it high marks in amazon and imdb because i think it trully deserves to be taken out of obscuranty. It has its flaws of course, but its one of the best space-operas ive seen, considering the low budget thing this is a masterpiece of atmosphere. In my opinion the only thing wrong with it is that is too short and the ending seems really rushed. Altough i was surprised about the depth of the characters and the balance between humor and drama works really well too.
I´ve now bought the Directors Cut (?) and the Soundtrack Cd so im curious to see that (xmas gift for myself, hehe). Is there any big diference between the directors cut and the version scattered all over the web ? I was going to buy the dvd at amazon but then i came across with this "directors cut" and i´m curious to see the diferences.
Anyway, its not the most original movie ever, but its a really fun space adventure wich visualy goes much further than i was expecting, the sets are great, the cgi has some cool images and the characters are fun and appealing. Its my favorite movie of 2010 and i was not expecting this at all. Avatar may have all the hype but i really enjoyed this space opera much more. Call me crazy but , Neil if you´re reading this, please make another adventure with this characters man !

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