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quietearth [Film Festival 05.01.09] movie news

Which will include Coppola's Tetro which premiers at Cannes for a total of 392 films which includes 31 world premiers and 203 narrative features. Man, SIFF always has good stuff, I wish I could go. Any writers in Seattle want to provide coverage for us?

Check out some of the premiers after the break.

World Premieres
Back to the Garden, Flower Power Comes Full Circle, directed by Kevin Tomlinson (USA, 2009)
Dancing Across Borders, directed by Anne H. Bass (USA/Cambodia, 2009)
Facing Ali, directed by Pete McCormack (Canada, 2009)
The Hills Run Red, directed by Dave Parker (USA, 2009)
Icons Among Us, directed by Michael Rivoira, Lars Larson, Peter J. Vogt (USA, 2009)
I’m No Dummy, directed by Bryan W. Simon (USA, 2009)
Pop Star On Ice, directed by David Barba (USA/Canada/Russia/Japan, 2009)
The Spy and the Sparrow, directed by Garrett Bennett (USA, 2009)
talhotblond, directed by Barbara Schroeder (USA, 2008)
The Whole Truth, directed by Colleen Patrick (USA, 2009)

North American Premieres
Alisa’s Birthday, directed by Sergei Seregin (Russia, 2008)
Beauties at War, directed by Patrice Leconte (France, 2008)
Black Dogs Barking, directed by Mehmet Bahadir Er, Maryna Gorbach (Turkey, 2009)
Boy, directed by Aureaus Solito (Philippines, 2009)
Breathless, directed by Yang Ik-june (South Korea, 2008)
The Dark Harbor, directed by Naito Takasugu (Japan, 2008)
The Escape, directed by Kathrine Windfeld (Denmark, 2009)
Everyone Else, directed by Maren Ade (Germany, 2009)
Forasters, directed by Ventura Pons (Spain, 2009)
Forever Enthralled, directed by Chen Kaige (China, 2009)
Hachiko: A Dog’s Story, directed by Lasse Hallström (USA, 2009)
I Know You Know, directed by Justin Kerrigan (United Kingdom, 2008)
Kaifeck Murder, directed by Esther Gronenborn (Germany, 2008)
Light Year, directed by Mikael Kristersson (Sweden, 2008)
Little Joe, directed by Nicole Haeusser (USA, 2009)
Little Soldier, directed by Annette K. Olesen (Denmark, 2009)
Live and Remember, directed by Alexander Proshkin (Russia, 2008)
Mamma Moo and Crow, directed by Igor Veyshtagin (Sweden, 2008)
Manhole Children, directed by Yoshio Harada (Japan, 2008)
Miao Miao, directed by Hsiao-Tse Cheng (Hong Kong/Taiwan, 2008)
Morris: A Life With Bells On, directed by Lucy Akhurst (United Kingdom, 2008)
Nak, directed by Natthaphong Ratanachoksirikul (Thailand, 2009)
No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti, directed by Leon Dai (Taiwan, 2008)
Northface, directed by Philipp Stölzl (Austria, 2008)
The Other Bank, directed by George Ovashvili (Georgia/Kazakhstan, 2009)
School Days With a Pig, directed by Tetsu Maeda (Japan, 2008)
The Sniper, directed by Dante Lam (Hong Kong, 2009)
Story of Jen, directed by François Rotger (Canada/France, 2009)
The Strength of Water, directed by Armagan Ballantyne (New Zealand/Germany, 2009)
Summer, directed by Kenny Glenaan (United Kingdom, 2008)
Tears of April, directed by Aku Louhimies (Finland, 2009)
Telstar, directed by Nick Moran (United Kingdom, 2008)
What’s on Your Plate, directed by Catherine Gund (USA, 2009)
Wind Blows in the Meadow, directed by Khosro Masoumi (Iran, 2008)
Yes, I Can See Dead People, directed by David Lee (Hong Kong, 2008)

US Premieres
The Admiral, directed by Andrey Kravtchuck (Russia, 2008)
Be Calm and Count to Seven, directed by Ramtin Lavafipour (Iran, 2008)
Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly, directed by Edwin (Indonesia, 2008)
Buddenbrooks, directed by Heinrich Breloer (Germany, 2008)
The Fortress, directed by Fernand Melgar (Switzerland, 2008)
Krabat, directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner (Germany, 2008)
Maradona by Kusturica, directed by Emir Kusturica (Spain/France, 2008)
Sexykiller, directed by Miguel Martí (Spain, 2008)
Spring 1941, directed by Uri Barbash (Israel/Poland, 2008)
A Woman’s Way, directed by Panos H. Koutras (Greece, 2009)

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Ethan Spanier (14 years ago) Reply

You might have heard that SIFF is showing a film call MORRIS: A Life With Bells On next weekend. BUT did you know that over 100 Morris dancers from BC to AZ in traditional costumes will be dancing at McCaw Hall for the North American premiere? Here is their website:

Chaz Oldham the writer/lead actor/co-producer will be in Seattle to help promote the film. They need to make a big splash so MORRIS to be picked up by a big movie distributor.

He is available for interviews from May 20-26.

Thanks for spreading the word. I can send you a press release if you like...

Anyway thanks

Ethan Spanier
Mossyback Morris Men
Seattle, WA

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