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quietearth [Celluloid 05.06.09] movie news cyberpunk scifi horror

Tsukamoto's latest project Bullet Man has been revealed to be the third in the cult Tetsuo franchise, and it'll be in English! Tentatively titled the Tetsuo Project, it's been quietly filming for the last year as is now in post-production and will be offered to buyers at Cannes. Tanishima of the co-producer Asmik Ace said: “I’m extremely thrilled to bring this new cyber-punk project from Tokyo to the global audience. I call this project a ‘solid metal psychic battle action thriller’. This is a totally new Tetsuo for the 21st century.” Yes! Just friggin awesome. You can read more details over at nipponcinema or at screendaily which broke the news.

More as it comes! Someone find sales art and promo trailer, stat!

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entizari (13 years ago) Reply

can't wait!
it'll be interesting to see how Tsukamoto's recent filmmaking preoccupations have affected his approach to TETSUO, especially with Western involvement.


scifijones1974 (13 years ago) Reply

Maybe this time there'll be a strong narrative, instead of machine-driven homoeroticism & child disintegrating! But it is TETSUO

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