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Christopher Webster [DVD News 05.15.09] movie review dvd horror

Year: 2009
Directors: Patrick Lussier
Writers: Todd Farmer / Zane Smith
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Amazon: Purchase
Review by: agentorange
Movie Rating: 6 out of 10
DVD Rating: 8 out of 10

[Editor's Note: My Bloody Valentine 3D comes out on DVD and Blu-ray next Tuesday May 19, 2009]

I had all but forgotten Lionsgate's My Bloody Valentine redux when the DVD showed up unannounced on my doorstep earlier this week. At first, I put off checking it out in favor of re-watching War of the Worlds and eating a medium meat lovers pizza. Then I remembered that it was one of those new 3D fangled movies. Would it be 3D on DVD as well? Would it come with those wacky glasses and all? All of a sudden I was like a kid again. Sure enough, the dvd graciously comes with four pairs of 3D glasses! C'mon in here kids! It's gonna be gory 3D fun for the whole frickin' family!!

What is there to really say about the movie? I watched it both ways and, without the nifty 3D gimmick, it's really just a sub-par slasher with nothing all that unique about it (particularly if you're already a fan of George Mihalka's original 1981 film). This is solid 6 out of 10 stuff. Not bad but certainly not stellar. It's got an iconic baddie, some decent kills, and the odd bit of gratuitous full frontal but there are better teen horror flicks out there. Those of you who are gonna watch and love My Bloody Valentine already know who you are. You don't need me to wax on about what makes a decent horror film (for that, you can read my review of Midnight Meat Train). I'm sure what you really want to know is; 'how good does the 3D work at home? And, is this DVD worth buying?'

Here's the synopsis:
Ten years ago in the town of Harmony, an inexperienced coal miner caused an accident that trapped and killed five men and sent the only survivor, Harry Warden, into a coma. When Harry woke, exactly one year later on Valentine’s Day, he wanted revenge and brutally murdered 22 people with a pickaxe before being killed himself. Now, after years of peace, something from Harmony’s dark past has returned. Wearing a miner’s mask and armed with a pickaxe, an unstoppable killer is on the loose. As his footsteps come ever closer, the townspeople realize in terror that it just might be Harry Warden who has found his way back.

Surprisingly, the 3D effect works great on the small screen. I watched it on a 42" screen up-coverted to 1080p and it looked pretty darn sharp. The whole film is 3D but the effect really shines when the film takes you down into the confines of the mine and, of course, during the kills - when pick-axes, blood and flames come flying out at you. It's pretty dang fun actually. Makes me wish I'd made it out to the theater.

Was it so good that I wish every movie was 3D? No. Like with everything in life, there is also a big downside to all of this fun. Wearing the green and purple glasses makes for great 3D but it essentially destroys the film's color palate. Everything looks incredibly muted and night scenes even look like they were filmed in black and white. I guess different eyes might adjust to the glasses differently but that was my experience. After I watched the 3D version I watched the 2D version (which, yes, is included in the set) just to make sure I wasn't making it up and, yep, the 2D film looked a lot better color-wise.

Besides offering up both 3D and 2D versions of the film and four pairs of 3D glasses, this special 2 disc edition of My Bloody Valentine contains a ton of features. An Audio commentary with director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer is a joy to listen to while the two docs, "Deep Inside My Bloody Valentine" and "Sex, Blood and Screams" covers pretty much everything you'd want to know about the making of the film. Of course you've also got your deleted scenes and gag reel as well as an alternate ending. Lionsgate obviously put a lot of love into this release for you so if you're already a fan of the film I see no reason why you wouldn't pick it up.

Bottom line? The 3D effect works better than expected on a home theater system so gather some chums and watch together for maximum enjoyment.

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