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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.20.09] movie news action

As widely reported, this is Timur's "Russian response for Transformers and Batman", except it's taking the external-superpower route (not the I-got-bit-by-a- spider-and-now-I-can-make-my-own-hammock).

The update is that newcomer Georgy Dobrinin will be playing "the man," that is, the man with the car who's off to save the city, and behind him in the photo is the actual car they're using. This film is already being called a "Bekmambuster" (which is, of course, word play on Bemambetov and blockbuster), let's hope their right.

We've also got this teaser translation for you:
"Everyone lives for himself, the rain of apathy holds us down. Someone needs to step up first. Black Lightning will rise to the skies above your city to make the world a better place."

Doesn't this sound like comic book adaptation of Taxi Driver? That was probably the original pitch.

The teaser after the break is still only a taster that incorporates footage from the first teaser with a new shot of the car and a surly looking Georgy Dobrinin wearing a cloak (or is it just a hoodie?). Anyway, check it out after the break.

Special thanks to nekrosoma for all the info and translations.

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