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quietearth [Celluloid 05.29.09] zombies movie news horror

Wow, we wrote about this way back in September and even though I found the original film pretty weak, this one might just be better by the looks of the teaser and the fact that Billy Zane is in it.

Three days ago everything changed. An ancient force transofmred people to blood-thirsty zombies. That wasn't the first time. 2800 years ago the situation was the same. Evil was defeated. Will they do the same today? Will they revive the Time of Heroes?

Teaser after the break. via MFTM

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whizz (12 years ago) Reply

wow, that was really gd. love the ancient greek zombie scenario. even thou the shot on the football field felt a little long and awkward, outstanding zombie flick.


paultagonist (12 years ago) Reply

Yes, yes, yes.


DarkBattM14 (12 years ago) Reply

Greek??? Wow.. I have to see this!!! :D

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