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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.05.09] movie trailer apocalyptic cyberpunk scifi action dystopic

This is what we live for here at Quiet Earth people. Visual effects artist Matthew Santoro (Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem) has made his directorial debut with Offline, a scifi film that looks like it could be as much a piece of art as an exciting work of staggering cyberpunk genius. Think I'm being too kind? Check out the film's new trailer for yourself. It's mad crazy.

In this future, the world is dying a slow and ugly death. In an effort to cope or perhaps out of pure denial, humanity has become increasingly obsessed with mass media. The Internet has evolved into an all-consuming visceral experience where every one’s perception of the world around them is fully customized. The brown smog in the sky can be easily ignored when a beautiful sunset is projected through your optic nerve, courtesy of the Naneuron Corporation.

But like all systems there are glitches. Someone or something is disrupting the feed; a Ghost in the machine. A group of extremists have risen up, led by young man named Maro. Defiant and charismatic, he has seemingly endless promise until he unexpectedly surrenders. All enemies of the state are processed for reprogramming.

Those like Maro who are physically and mentally gifted enough are transformed into counter-terrorism soldiers. His memories are erased. His body is enhanced. His humanity is destroyed. Maro has become the perfect weapon. Until he begins communicating with the glitches, hearing whispers that lead him on a journey through the depths of his own subconscious.

It's probably hard not to think of The Matrix when you read that synopsis but in this case it would be wrong to finger Offline as just another Martix clone. Remember, Gibson was doing this stuff a long time before the brothers W threw all the cyberpunk in the world into their film.

But here's my question: Is this a short, a feature length film, or just an experiment in mind-f$#@kery? /film who broke the news don't seem to know either so we'll have to dig around for more. Until then, you can check out more on the film's official website.

UPDATE: Word has come about that Offline began as a short and is developing into a full fledged feature.

Trailer after the break.

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DarkBattM14 (14 years ago) Reply

WoW!!! Looks GREAT!!!!! :D :D :D


zenseeker (14 years ago) Reply

Looks OK, nothing special though. It kind of reminds me of those cheap straight to video movies like Xtro and other such guff.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

How tiresome.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

The synopsis sounded good, but the trailer was awful. Looks like an amalgamation of about three different sci-fi films and a bunch of video games. Their gonna have to do better than that.


Votre (10 years ago) Reply

Fairly predictable looking.
And they really need to ditch the dune buggy/trike chase scenes if there are any planned for the final cut. That adolescent nonsense went out with the 70s.

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