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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.24.09] movie trailer news action drama

The first trailer for Brazil's action packed martial arts fantasy Beetle (Besouro) has dropped courtesy of Pipoca Combo and it's definitely a Tuesday morning must watch. Directed by João Daniel Tikhomiroff, the film also stars Hiuen Chiu Kuâ who some of you may remember from The Matrix and Kill Bill

Based on the life of a legendary capoeira fighter from Bahia, "Besouro" spins a fantastic tale of a young Brazilian man of African descent in search of his mission.

The trailer after the break doesn't have subs yet but it's truly amazing. The story looks emotional and the action looks gritty and intense.

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whizz (13 years ago) Reply

english extended trailer + behind scenes etc.


IBWATKINS (12 years ago) Reply

This remarkable film is the actualization of something I have envisioned for a lifetime, worked to create without essential funding, and will contribute to inevitably. The World needs more of this synthesis of Asian choreography, African legends and Martial Arts!!


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I watched the movie. I'm sorry to disapoint you,but the trailer is far better than the film.

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