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quietearth [Celluloid 07.10.09] movie news thriller

Currently in production and set in a "distant time but in a reality very near our own", writer Alejandro Hernández (Eskalofrío, review) and director Isidro Ortiz bring us a thriller, and what looks like a mystery.

Returnos tells the story of Alvaro, a man who after exile his village for ten years, returns to attend the funeral of his father. Once there, he tries to reconcile with his brother and to recover his daughter Mar. Everything get's complicated when Alvaro finds a prostitute dead in the road, her name is Lydia, and she is[was] a friend of his daughter Mar. Álvaro, fearing for the safety of his daughter, begins an investigation in a village in which nothing is what it seems and everyone has something to hide.

And here's a Spanish to English version:
With a script by Alejandro Hernández ("Ants in the Mouth", "Bad Seasons"), based on an argument of David Pérez and Luis Avilés (Director), RETURNS is a thriller where Galicia, their people and their histories live in a life in a very near reality to us and the very distant time. RETURNS is a hard portrait of the current society, with the "secret" prostitution as backdrop.Álvaro, after being discovered making love with his brother´s wife, he escapes from the village leaving his wife there and his daughter, Mar. After several years of exile he returns to Galicia to attend their father's funeral; this it is the moment to recover the relationship with their family and especially with his daughter a 17 year-old girl that dreams of working in the cinema, but she doesn't want to know anything about him because it accuses him of all the misfortunes of the family.His wife's life and their daughter have changed a lot since he left, the wife is alcoholic and she takes care of the children of the prostitutes of a secret net of prostitution, Mar knows it, and she helps to her mother. Before this situation, and trying to recover their daughter's lost affection, Álvaro will try to take them out of the vicious circle in which they are, but anything is so simple and this objective will take directly to the mouth of the wolf, having to face the most dangerous characters in this chain of women's traffic.

Behind the scenes footage after the break. More as it comes! Special thanks to Avery for the translations.

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thejamminjabber (12 years ago) Reply

Didn't love Shiver, but Ortiz was one of three directors on the fantastic Fausto 5.0
Don't know how a film with 3 directors came out so good.

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