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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.13.09] movie trailer news thriller fantasy

The first trailer for Black Sheep director, Jonathan King's, adaptation of New Zealand's beloved kiwi fantasy adventure Under the Mountain has dropped and, for straight up kiddie fare, its not too bad. Even though it looks like it'll be more tolerable than the latest Race to Witch Mountain remake, it obviously won't hold a candle to the truly luminous City of Ember. It sort of looks like The Spiderwick Chronicles if you ask me.

When teenage twins Rachel and Theo Matheson investigate the creepy old house next door, they discover the Wilberforces - shape-shifting creatures that lurk beneath Auckland's ring of extinct volcanoes. Guided by the mysterious Mr Jones and with the help of their older cousin Ricky, the twins must rekindle the unique powers they once shared if they are to destroy this ancient evil - before it destroys them.

Under the Mountain is having its world premiere during the 13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival this month.

Watch the first trailer (via: yahooxtra) for Under the Mountain after the break!

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