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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.14.09] movie apocalyptic news thriller

Can you say badass? Outsider artist and director of the PA classic, Hardware, Richard Stanley, has, according to Fangoria, picked up the reins on his long lost project Vacation. Originally set to star Bruce Campbell, Stanley has now recruited Tom Welling (of TV’s Smallville fame) to take over the lead.

Besides the casting news and a swanky new poster, we've also got this story outline:

Vacation is the story of a coke-addicted banker who travels with his stripper girlfriend to a seedy Middle Eastern resort. Their own personal problems soon pale before the disaster that strikes in the form of freak solar storms that eradicate all means of communication, leaving them stranded in an extremely hostile environment.

Personally, I've always thought that Tom Welling never made it in features because his stiff acting and baby-faced charm really only worked on TV, but maybe under the guidance of an oddball director he will be pushed outside of his safety zone. Stay tuned for more!

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Sebastian Selig (13 years ago) Reply

Killer-pitch. Want to see this - right now.


Jonas (13 years ago) Reply

Sweet! Now if only Steve De Jarnatt could make a feature film comeback too... Oh and a Bruce Campbell this Tom Welling is not.


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Erica (13 years ago) Reply

When Tom Welling portrays Clark Kent on Red Kryptonite, he's pretty badass! I've been waiting for someone to give Tom a chance to show his true acting chops. Tom Welling deserves a shot a feature film success.


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