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quietearth [Film Festival 07.21.09] movie trailer news drama

We've been focusing on some of the incredible indie talent being showcased at the upcoming Locarno film festival and The Famous and the Dead has to be added to that list. Although all the details I can find are incredibly vague, I do know it's adapted from a novel by Ismael Caneppele and has something to do with young adults and a Bob Dylan fan and is set in Brazil. The footage looks incredible and the sales agent Umedia describes director Esmir Filho as a talented young director, and from the video we have, I would agree. And while searching around for more, I learned our friends at Row Three also featured an article on this same film (which I completely missed, sorry!), so thanks to them for further info and the teaser.

This film looks at an unfamiliar side of Brazil, far removed from the caricatures, the favelas, crime and samba music. The story is set in the south of the country, in the mist. It could be a North American state. It’s a about international youth and a teenage Bob Dylan fan’s desire to become an adult. Surfing the Internet, he wants to go out and experience the world and feels a little ill at ease in his teenage phase, his family and his village.

You can check out a gallery of stills here.

Teaser and clips after the break!

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