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quietearth [Celluloid 08.03.09] movie trailer news scifi drama

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We reported on this scifi drama in August of last year and have been eagerly awaiting footage since. While we don't know where it's premiering, Benedek Fliegauf's cloning love story clearly leans heavily on the arthouse side and has some great dream sequences. I don't know how heavy the science fiction aspect in this and I'm thinking it might be only to facilitate the story, but it sounds and looks incredible. The exceptional Eva Green stars in this tragi-romance and the trailer we have looks like it's cut off at the end, but I think it's supposed to be that way.

When Rebecca returns to her grandfather’s house, she meets her childhood sweetheart Thomas again. Thomas leaves his girlfriend Rose and their love picks up where it left off, until Thomas dies in a car accident. Devastated, the young woman contemplates suicide until she finds consolation in the idea of cloning. Although society does not fully accept it yet, she plans to give birth to Thomas, bringing her lost love to life (again). Living in Rebecca’s grandfather’s remote old house, Thomas grows up believing his father died in an accident. Rebecca never mentions cloning. In spite of their secret, Rebecca and Thomas lead an almost normal life until Rose finds out about them …

Trailer after the break.

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scotty (5 years ago) Reply

looks like a feature length Hovis commercisl


Anonymous (5 years ago) Reply



quietearth (5 years ago) Reply

Huh? This looks brilliant!


Anonymous (5 years ago) Reply

Can't wait to see it! What an interesting story!


arnold (5 years ago) Reply

The premise written above is interesting but the trailer doesn't remotely show this. It's a really really boring trailer, nothing in the end gives us a hint of what comes next. I wouldn't watch this movie based on the trailer. It's like the entire movie is about childhood sweethearts meeting again and then he dies and maybe she swims out to sea to kill herself --- The End.

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