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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 08.07.09] Tuvalu news comedy

We don't normally report on TV comedy, but as I'm a HUGE fan of Kids In the Hall, we had to report on this. That's right folks, Kids in the Hall is coming back with a 8 episode mini-series done by the CBC which is supposed to start shooting either August 10th or August 17th (I've seen two conflicting reports) and end shooting around September 4th. And yes, the entire cast is returning!

Dave Foley had this to say:
"It'll be an eight-episode arc with a narrative running through it. We will play all the characters but it won't be sketch, it'll be a single narrative mini-series. Probably the closest thing to it would be something like The League of Gentlemen, which I think was brilliant. So I hope it will be close to that."

Inspired by The League of Gentlemen? I've never seen any of their stuff, can anyone provide further details?

In the end I really don't care though, I'm glad they're back. They're also reportedly considering a new feature length film which they definitely should do as Brain Candy just ruled.

Sorry, no other details yet, but HELL YEAH!

I'm crushing your head!

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Jonas (13 years ago) Reply

Hell yeah! Indeed.


Pat (13 years ago) Reply

This news pretty much made my year! :)


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Not seen the league of gentleman.. tut tut!
Darker than dark british comedy that is essential viewing. Theres just been a new series by them called psychoville goes even further...

"Mum, I've done another bad murder"


thejamminjabber (13 years ago) Reply

League of Gentlemen is the shit. Period.


Mr. Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply


I'm so happy I'm crushing heads. I hope they show Tammy in her fifites... :)


Rob (13 years ago) Reply

League of Gentleman is definitely worth a look, very dark, very British, very very funny. Can't wait to see The Kids back on the small screen!

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