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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 08.31.09] Tuvalu Canada news comedy

Remember the Chicken Lady? I know you haven't forgotten, especially that one episode where she.. er it...whatever. It was hilarious, and apparently, in the new 8-part miniseries Kifds In The Hall: Death Comes to Town currently shooting in Canada, Mark McKinney will be reprising his famous role.

The story revolves around a murder mystery where Death (Mark McKinney) gets off a greyhound bus in a small town named Shuckton and starts wreaking havoc. The whole town is shocked when one of its most distinguished citizens is discovered murdered. As a suspect is arrested and the trial begins, dark secrets begin to tumble out.

Hungry for some more news? Check here for another brief article.

And as we know you can't wait for more Chicken Lady.. there's a clip embedded for you after the break. I hope they're also going to bring back face crushing dude.. Oh, and we have a larger version of the Chicken Lady still too!

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