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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.02.09] Mexico movie trailer news scifi

Yep, there's yet another high-gloss Mexican science fiction import on the way in the form director Angel Mario Huerta's X-Files-esque Seres: Genesis. We don't know too much about this one other then it's done shooting and waiting on a 2010 release date. I image the film will make an appearance at AFM at which time it'll start to see some more press. Just remember, you heard about it here first folks.

Right away the trailer shows off some stellar photography courtesy of cinematographer Alejandro Cantú who uses the RED ONE to full effect. There's also some stellar FX work by the end of the trailer so stick with it.

Owal Tec Investigates the paranormal activities that are taking place around the country.

Watch the trailer for Seres: Genesis after the break.

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Red Alert (12 years ago) Reply

You'll be dissapointed. Really weak script (childish, formulaic, cliched), awful directing. Maybe the cinematography is the only strong point. Didn't work for me, not even as a fun B-movie.


The oracle (12 years ago) Reply

I saw the film a couple of weeks ago. The producers held a screening. I was really amazed by the quality and the storyline. It really is a very different movie of hat the Mexican Cinema is acostum to. I really don't know who was the idiot that posted the last coment but, Really, i just saw the film and It did really delivered... A LOT. Nothing like this has ever been produced in Mexico.


hatesphereB (12 years ago) Reply

does anyone can tell me , how to get this movie? I want to buy it, but it's not at amazon, not at ebay... not on the internet?
I've searched for hours...
I don't even know if this movie will be released in europe? hopefully...
trailer looks amazing...

a true eye-opener

peace and light


Maria H Hines (12 years ago) Reply

Awesome movie!!! I am very proud of what Mexico is showing in terms of talent. KUDOS to Angel Mario Huerta Cantu. A very promising future young man!


Red Alert (12 years ago) Reply

I didn't like the film so that makes me an idiot? Seems to me you must be someone close to the production, Oracle (maybe the director himself?). Too bad you see the need to insult in order to defend the film.

Anyway, the film is weak, that's a fact. No distributor would go near it for a while (it'll open almost two years after principal photography wrapped, and that's IF it opens on the projected date), and it got rejected from at least one major festival. Guess that kind of proves my point.


Revelations (11 years ago) Reply

Where can I buy this movie? Will be on the market soon? Please, let me know. Thank you

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