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quietearth [Celluloid 10.21.09] Denmark movie trailer news drama

I've been excited about this serious weirdness from feature length first timer Nicolo Donato for some time now, and while there's been a clip on youtube for a month or so, it really didn't show much of anything, so we waited for the trailer which just dropped today. Having it's premier today at the Rome Film Festival, Broderskab is another film which pushes the gay envelope, and this time, it involves neo-nazis. Speaking of pushing the envelope, Variety recently said in a review of Human Centipede "going there does not make a film", and I'd have to strongly disagree. After seeing Bruce La Bruce's brilliant Otto; or Up with dead people, I didn't need to see footage and was already sold when they said gay neo-nazis. Bring on the discomfort!

A a story about love and identity. Lars, 22, is drawn to the neo-Nazi scene, and to Jimmy. A love affair grows between them. Though gay love is not something to go unpunished in their circles, their love and erotic attraction are so strong that they continue their affair, even in the face of their fellow neo-Nazis' condemnation.

Trailer after the break.

UPDATE: We now have a trailer with English subs.

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Pat (13 years ago) Reply

yea the lead, thure lindhardt, is an amazing actor. been a real fan of his work since flammen & citronen.


Bruce LaBruce (13 years ago) Reply

For some hot gay neo-Nazi porn, check at my movie Skin Flick/Skin Gang!


Bryan Schuessler (13 years ago) Reply

this looks hilarious...


AndersNM (13 years ago) Reply

Here it is with english subs:

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