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quietearth [Celluloid 10.26.09] Ireland (Republic of) movie trailer news scifi samurai

UPDATE: Director Gary Shores has informed us that this is a stand alone trailer which took almost 2 years to make. He did all of the matte paintings himself, with compositing and 3d by Windmilllane post production in Dublin. He'd love to make it into a feature film and is currently looking for backing.

Shot on the Red One in Slovenia, little is known about this "visually rich modern fairytale", but it looks so utterly profound that I'm about to poop myself. Out of Ireland of all places, Gary Shore is bringing us a feature length film which looks like it runs from ancient times.. to the far future? Bring it on!

The narrative follows a scorned geisha who creates a magical cup made of tears that causes any man who drinks from it to fall under a stasis of permanent sleep. One night the cup is stolen, setting off a chain of events that threatens civil war amongst the clans. Taro, a once gifted samurai, and his companion Jin set out to find the cup and the one who can break the spell before inner turmoil.

Trailer after the break. via AHT and Twitch.

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agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

No idea what I just saw, but damn if it wasn't the coolest, most beautiful thing I've seen today (besides my wife of course).


Prankster (12 years ago) Reply

Yeah your wife is awesome.


rek (12 years ago) Reply

What the hell was that?


agentblue (12 years ago) Reply

Ahh, the "300" curse is upon us!


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Does anybody know who's handling the sales for this film 'The Cup of Tears'?
If so please e-mail me at



Sunolet (12 years ago) Reply

that was the msot bizarre, scattered trailer i have seen in a while, but it also was one of the coolest, craziest ones i've seen this month so damn if i won't be in the front row


Cpt.No_Life (12 years ago) Reply

It definetly doesn't go a long way into explaining the story, but the action looks incredible.

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