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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.18.09] Austria trailer drama

One of the film's I'd hoped would make the local festival circuit is Jessica Hausner's Lourdes. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival to very positive reviews and has just picked up another accolade, top honours at the Seville Film Festival.

A low-key comedy which approaches questions of faith through the eyes of a demoralized skeptic, the film stars Sylvie Testud as Christine, a wheelchair bound woman who makes her way to Lourdes. Unlike her companions (she's there on a religious pilgrimage) Christine isn't interested in a miracle cure instead, she's simply interested in finding company and friendship.

I can’t imagine how a film (a comedy at that!) that digs deep and questions ideas of miracles, shrines and religion can do so without coming across as either too fluffy or simply mean but by all accounts, Hausner manages to find a balance that works and judging from the various awards, a formula that works with great success.

Trailer after the break.

Lourdes Trailer

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RE Anderson (9 years ago) Reply

Is it possible to be informed when this is released in Chicago?

Thank you!!

RE Anderson
Chicago, IL, USA

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