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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.19.09] trailer news action

One of the problems with Fighting is that it failed to bring any realism to the fight sequences; they were too polished, too clean and frankly, too choreographed. Keith Alan Morris' new film Gutter King (the boys were pretty excited about his other upcoming project Driving the Dead) takes out all the gloss and gives you the visceral experience.

The film tells the coming-of-age story of a young man recently released from the Juvenile Department of Corrections. He's determined to stay straight but when the girl next door falls into trouble, he turns to what he knows best, the world of amateur bare-knuckle brawling, for money.

I like the "in-the-action" approach to the fight sequences on display in the trailer. If the rest of the film can carry this same amount of intensity and energy, it'll prove to be a dozy of a movie.

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (8 years ago) Reply

Carrot Top?


Cpt.No_Life (8 years ago) Reply

Hey, Carrot Top is one bad mother....


rek (8 years ago) Reply

Driving the Dead looks terrible, and I don't buy any of the gushing comments for it, but this looks alright.


PaintingU (8 years ago) Reply

Driving the Dead is only in teaser form, so basing an opinion on it as if it were a feature polished and ready to hit the market is ignorant. JUST A TEASER, people. TEASER.


Anonymous (7 years ago) Reply

I've seen Gutter King, and trust me it delivers in spades! Yea the main guy has hair like Carrot Top but it ain't red, he isn't suffering from too much botox, and he dosen't try to be funny.


David Brook (7 years ago) Reply

I've seen it too, but I totally disagree I thought it was quite bad. It tries to be more of an indie drama than an action film, but fails in both departments. It looks nice, but still feels cheap largely due to some weak performances and horrendous sound work (good music though). It just comes across as quite dreary and dull when it should have been exciting. The fight scenes are reasonable but there's not enough of them to hold your interest.

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