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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.20.09] Argentina post apocalyptic movie news scifi video

Based on the wildly popular graphic novels by Hector German Oesterheld, El Eternauta is probably one of the most anticipated foreign post-apocalyptic films currently in production. One of the reasons we're so interested is because it's coming from South America (and we all want to see what a continent not completely known for their sweeping, epic scifi can bring to the table), but also because it's just such a damn awesome story.

"El Eternauta is a sprawling tale that begins with aliens sending a toxic snowfall onto humanity, a devastating attack followed up by their unleashing of bizarre, remotely mind controlled creatures to mop up the survivors. Survivors, who, thanks to the damage wrought on the environment, can now only venture out doors in specially constructed bio-hazard suits."

Some visual FX test-footage has made its way online and, while it's obviously not completed and pretty rough around the edges, it gives us a glimpse at where the direction the project is headed and lets us know that, despite reports of some bad blood between the film's supposed director, Lucrecia Martel, and the production, things are still moving ahead.

Watch the El Eternauta test footage after the break.

Via: Twitch

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

FYI the artist of the comic book is actually the great, late Alberto Breccia, a highly influential artist. Oesterheld wrote the script of the comic.


Haematobic (13 years ago) Reply

This comic book is pretty popular in Argentina, as a matter of fact, there's a subway station in Buenos Aires that pays homage to "El Eternauta" (translated to english it would be "The Eternaut" -as he travels through Eternity-), so if you ever visit Buenos Aires, you might want to check it out:

That footage looks pretty good! :D


LouGehrig (13 years ago) Reply

Sounds like the storyline from that Eddie Murphy movie "Chubby Rain"

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