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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.06.10] Argentina trailer news drama

When Nobel Prize winning author José Saramago says that a book is “written in a language perfectly pitched for the subject matter, a ruthless dissection of a fast decaying society,” I can't help but do a double take. Not simply because Saramago is a prize winning author but because he himself is a master of the ruthless dissections of our quickly decaying society. The novel which received such high praise is Claudia Piñeiro's “Thursday Night Widows,” a book that is now getting a little attention on the big screen.

The film adaptation, Las viudas de los jueves (“Thursday Night Widows”), is directed by none other than Marcelo Piñeyro who some may remember as the man behind the 2005 job interview from hell thriller The Method, and tells the story of life behind the pearly gates of million dollar estates and country club dinners.

Three bodies lie at the bottom of a swimming pool in a gated country estate near Buenos Aires. It's Thursday night at the magnificent Scaglia house. Behind the locked gates, shielded from the crime, poverty, and filth of the people on the streets, the Scaglias and their friends hide lives of infidelity, alcoholism, and abusive marriage.

The trailer suggests a nice looking mystery and if Piñeyro and script writer Marcelo Figueras have managed to keep intact the power of Piñeiro's novel, we're in for a real treat.

Trailer after the break.

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