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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 01.18.10] Canada trailer news drama

If you didn’t know any better, looking at the stills and the first part of the trailer for Alexandre Franchi’s The Wild Hunt, you’d think the film was some sort of period Viking epic. In part, that’s completely accurate but the film which has been gaining accolades in Canada (it’s part of Canada’s Top 10) and will soon be screening at Slamdance, is much more than a “typical” period action drama.

This one doesn’t have aliens to mark it as different but Franchi’s film presents a much higher calibre version of Darkon. Yes, it’s LARPing taken to the highest form. Taking part both in the world within the game and the real world, The Wild Hunt combines reality and game-play to tell the story of a guy in search of his girlfriend who has abandoned their relationship to fully immerse herself in the game.

I first caught wind of the film when it played Whistler and was unfortunate enough to miss the only screening. The images I’d seen suggested something awesome and looking at this trailer, it shouldn’t disappoint.

Trailer after the break.

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Bob Doto (11 years ago) Reply

Oh. My. God. This looks aweseom.


pat (11 years ago) Reply

wow this is huge. THE VILLAGE MEETS THE EXPERIMENT (a very good german movie - look it up).

reli, reli good.

it will probably be remade though, hollywood style.

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