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agentorange [Celluloid 01.25.10] movie trailer news scifi action cult drama

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A trailer has premiered on youtube for Repo Chick, the "sequel" to Alex Cox's 1984 cult classic Repo Man, starring Emilo Estevez. I should say that I am, and always have been, a very big fan of Repo Man, but not really of Alex Cox as a director. So on that note, I should say that I'm not entirely sure what to make of Repo Chick. It's not quite as post-punk as I was hoping, but then again, I guess it's not 1984 anymore...

As a repo chick, wealthy bad-girl Pixxi and her entourage get mixed up in a devious kidnapping plot that threatens to wipe out the city of Los Angeles.

Repo Chick stars Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, Del Zamora, Alex Feldman, Chloe Webb, Xander Berkeley and Rosanna Arquette.

Trailer (via: Cinematical) after the break

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Mike White (4 years ago) Reply

And this is an opera, too?


Phoebe (4 years ago) Reply

Oh my god, that looks incredibly awful.


witchman (4 years ago) Reply

er...hmn..."........."!! Nope, can't find a damn good word to say about this tripe. My god, how do you go from Repo Man and Sid N' Nancy to this?? Has Cox hooked up with Troma?...oh boy...this is awful.


kurt.halfyard (4 years ago) Reply

Yie. Terrible, and Repoman is soooo good. Cox seems to have lost it. Big time. Either that or he should sack the guy who cut that trailer


quietearth (4 years ago) Reply

I'll watch it, for about 5 minutes.. you've got 5 minutes!


Anonymous (4 years ago) Reply

: (


Anonymous (4 years ago) Reply

The green screen work is, well, odd. No sir, I don't like. I don't like it at all.


uncleB (4 years ago) Reply

Repo Chic did have a nice tail atleast. Thats about the only good words I can say about this one.


Hussman (4 years ago) Reply

What the hell did I just watch?


donc48 (4 years ago) Reply

UncleB is right she dose have a nice tail, but I wouldn’t see the movie on a bet.


projectcyclops (4 years ago) Reply

Been following this since the beginning on Cox's blog, but it looks pretty weak... I certainly ain't feelin' 7Up, damn. I'll still check it out if it's at a festival near me though, he got that much.

I'll always love Reop-Man.


Diggler (4 years ago) Reply

Sorry, but this looks like crap. I'll just re-watch Repo Man


Lenman_99 (4 years ago) Reply

If this is actually stated as being a sequel to a classic I think the director should be exposed to whatever corporate created viruses can be located or shot with a grenade launcher up his #@$. This is just a disgrace and will do nothing but damage the legacy of a great movie.

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