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quietearth [Celluloid 01.27.10] Russia post apocalyptic movie anime news cyberpunk scifi

In what is described as a "cyber style anime movie" which is done by Russian film/music cavalier Andrew Oudot. We don't know much about this, but it looks utterly incredible.

Actions of this story occurs during a post-apocalyptic time. Millions of people has fallen in lethargy to save remained resources. But few awakened souls tries to rescue the fallen asleep population.

Trailer after the break. via Planet Damage

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arnold (10 years ago) Reply

So far i haven't seen anything "incredible" about this. Dark, blurry, purposely pixelatd, noised-out scenes. Not impressed yet.


MrSatyre (10 years ago) Reply

Have to side with arnold on this one. Very poorly conceived trailer. Gives me zero desire to see the final film.


witchman (10 years ago) Reply

as above......"utterly incredible"??....what are you guys talking about???


brett (10 years ago) Reply

Well, I thought it looked promising. Maybe not mind blowing or incredible, but worth looking out for.


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Looks pretty damn Awesome! Have to pick up the dvd when it hits!


Nylarthotep (10 years ago) Reply

Might make an interesting "cut scene" sequence for a videogame. I'm not sure how well it will hold up as a feature film.


getanimated (10 years ago) Reply

All I see is the first minute of the film. Hope it goes some where after that.


rek (10 years ago) Reply

The only unobstructed shots were gratuitous butt shots.


aj (10 years ago) Reply

no desire to watch after that


leftleft-beach (10 years ago) Reply

Gotta go with most of the other comments. Not seeing it. The, slightly, different take on how things are "distributed" on the character has some cultural interest. East vs.well...East. But Russian East.


Sammy (10 years ago) Reply

Stunning? Nah. Utterly incredible? Nah.
Utter tripe is a more accurate description.

How much did you receive for giving this crap your endorsement?


Hot Fuzz (10 years ago) Reply

What is wrong with everyone here? Effective teaser that hints at an intriguing story with some original and dark animation. I guess you all just want the usual marketing ploys...


Mangolo (10 years ago) Reply

Besides the aforementioned blurriness, other effects and rather weak music, I saw a butt. Possibly an android butt. Is that enough to get me to see the movie? The filmmakers obviously think so.


ken (10 years ago) Reply

the story of this became different. Too bad they wasted the concept but it is still fine and a promising one. By the way you can help me with this one, thanks. It is a game just like hunter x where you are allowed to create your player. It's cool.


Stephen Grendler (10 years ago) Reply

from a good psyber film nSpace,

from the Dovin Melhee story:

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