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quietearth [Celluloid 01.29.10] movie news scifi drama romance

Apparently there was a production company at Sundance trying to drum up financing for some stories based on Lethem's work which would be turned into a film with multiple directors. Who's confirmed so far? Dominic J. DeJoseph, Norman Reedus, Joe Pacheco, Matthew Buzzell, Amy Seimetz, Kate Riedl and Sara Jennifer Chiro.

Lethem has agreed to work with an independent group of filmmakers who want to make films based on seven of his short stories and had this to say: "I like art that comes from other art, and I like seeing my stories adapted into other forms. My writing has always been strongly sourced in other voices, and I'm a fan of adaptations, appropriations, collage, and sampling."

Set at a time in the future when machines exist to solve virtually every human ailment, Trevor Lithium, a well-known writer, finds himself stymied by a heavy-duty case of writer’s block. Given no choice by his publishing house, Lithium undergoes the clinic’s process under the care of the gorgeous Dr S.

The highly cinematic stories that emerge from Lithium’s brain, based on seven short stories by the celebrated and award-winning writer, Jonathan Lethem, range from post-apocalyptic science fiction to absurdist comedy and from surrealism to social realism, and Lithium learns a lesson about the detrimental effects of fame and success on the creative process.

Hopefully we'll be hearing more about this project soon. NYMag has further details.

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