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quietearth [Celluloid 03.06.10] Japan movie trailer news samurai

We don't have many details (actually it's late and I'm lazy) but here's the first trailer!

After ze break. via the Gomorrahizer.

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JackCrow (11 years ago) Reply

May 29, 2010 in Japan

What I see here is not better than the Zatôichi (2003), but I will watch it.


Lotus Eater (11 years ago) Reply

I eagerly look forward to...

Zatoichi VS The zombie apocalypse

Wouldn't that be great?

Ill definitely be finding a "sandwich" of this to load. I love sandwiches.

Ever since watching "blindness", I have secretly found blind folks to be kinda scary after watching that horrendous rape scene in the film, makes me feel dirty just thinking about it, the depths of human depravity in the darkness. If your blind & reading this, your a liar! haha. But seriously, I know science can cure all who supposedly suffer from the illnesses that plague man.

I know people who are deaf mutes are developing their own culture, some even desire to maintain this culture despite available surgeries to correct their inability to hear, I find this interesting.

When I was in middle school, I went to a psychotic bible thumping eletronics & biology book burning Judoh! christain brainwashing school in order to escape going to an inner city white man's nightmarish hell school, a perfect example of trading one evil over another, both equally bad decisions to choose obviously. Anyway, at the time a had a little skill with sign language, so I would often sign curses at the evil church lady your a sinner teachers, so one day as I was signing that this wicked women was a "AHOLE" she asked me what I was signing and informed me that her sister was deaf, so I was like, "Uh Oh" in my mind.

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