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quietearth [Celluloid 03.29.10] post apocalyptic zombies movie trailer news western

I don't know how I missed this last week, but it actually looks pretty decent, plus it's post apocalyptic and we all know what you come here for!

Nuclear war has ravaged the world. The remnants of humanity fight to survive, taking refuge in bleak settlements. The undead wander the earth, slaves to their bloodlust, or perhaps some higher power? The tattered town of Celestial sets the stage for the greatest battle of the New Dark Age! A score that must be settled and a reckoning that has been 235 years in the making...

Shadrach a man who watched his life burnt to the ground! Left for dead, having sold his soul to the devil with his last dying breath. A slave to the devil... Born again as a "Soul Collector". Now centuries later Shadrach fights to be freed from the chains of the demons that torment him. To regain his soul and save the lives of an entire town he must fight the living dead as hell literally rises from beneath!

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

This looks good to you? It looks like they put more time and effort into the logo at the end.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply


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