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Marina Antunes [General News 04.20.10]

It’s not as if Czech director Jan Svěrák hasn't been working since his Oscar win in 1996 but he certainly hasn’t been cranking out the films over the years and the few he has made have stayed well under the international limelight but his new film, an adventure story for both the young and the young at heart, is, I hope, destined to get a little bit of love because it looks fantastic.

Kooky (Kuky se vrací) is the story of a red, saw dust filled teddy who finds life in the forest after being thrown away. But living in the forest is a hard thing, especially for a teddy used to sitting on a shelf and so Kooky makes friends with Hergot the forest guardian, a friendship which leads to adventure as the two fight off the evil Nightshade plants.

If it sounds fantastical it’s because it is and the film is that much more appealing thanks to a great looking mix of live action and puppetry. And as is often the case with puppetry, there's something a bit off, unusual is the better term, that lends it an air of darkness. Dark Chrystal territory? Probably not but it's not all fun and games either (even if the story isn't exactly earth shattering).

The film is set to premiere at the Karlovy Vary IFF in July and I’m hoping it’ll make it’s way through other festivals; it’s one I’d love to see.

Trailer after the break.

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pat (10 years ago) Reply

this is what where the wild things r shud hav felt like. brilliant animation. very detailed. great dialogues/writing also.


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

one of the most original things I've seen for a long time. beautiful cinematography.

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