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30 Days of Night artist Ben Templesmith is developing what he's calling an "illustrated film" that'll combine his twin loves of human drama and all things tentacular.

At last week's C2E2 comics convention in Chicago, Templesmith revealed his plans for Black Sky, an illustrated film that will "meld the cinematic storytelling style of comics with good audio/voice acting and some animation/CGI in places." As for what Black Sky is actually about, Templesmith had this to say on his website:

So far, all I can say is sort of Band of Brothers...but with SQUID. (Well, Cthulhu-ish ideas and my love of all things tentacular.) Yes, it's a war comic. Want to get all emotional and down and dirty with it. Not exactly comedy in the vein of Wormwood.... It's post-apocalyptic. I deals with a small group of soldiers, as the human race is reduced to relatively low tech solutions to claw back their planet, the new religion that drives them on to this goal in the face of hopelessness...and all the stuff that comes from such things. Many horrific and hopefully, some touching "tales from the front" in many ways. And of course, they'll end up being players in a major event that may define the now generations long conflict.

Given that Templesmith is busy wrapping up his hit Image miniseries Choker, there's no release date as of yet. But if anyone can nail the quease of grunt warfare against the Squid Nation, it's Templesmith.

Originally posted on io9 by Marc Bernardin.

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