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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.22.10] movie news short

In a distant future, long after the majority of humanity has abandoned the world and left a barren landscape in its wake, a young man seeks out a cure for his dying sister. He doesn’t know how the world came to be this way but he knows that to survive, he needs to find the servants of the gods.

Clocking in at just under four minutes, Eater of the Sun is a short film created for the Can-Do Film Festival. There isn’t much information on this particular submission other than the fact that it was shot in Iceland and Southern Germany though from the looks of it, it may as well have been shot on some dying planet. I’m more than a little impressed by the gorgeous look of this short film and though I don’t fully understand the story (there’s some esoteric stuff at play that I won’t even pretend to understand), I can overlook that (and the raspy voice over which sometimes makes it difficult to understand what the narrator is saying) for the stuff that does work, namely the visuals and music.

Not bad for a couple of guys with a digital camera and a little aspiration.

Short film after the break.

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Lotus Eater (10 years ago) Reply

Pretty good...

make it into a film!


donc48 (10 years ago) Reply

SPOILER……MMMMM is it me or there doesn’t seem to be much more to go from here? "Sacrificed by a starving Priest betrayed by my own beliefs." Kind of sums up the last thousand years of human history, I like the quote.


Shocbomb (10 years ago) Reply

Eater of the sun ? Alright so Whats up with the binary Black hole/star at the end ? what does it have to do with the film also, is that why humans left ?

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