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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.28.10] horror vampires comic

Take your pick of walled city movies – they’re all pretty similar and soon we may have another one to add to the list; one that sounds a little close to Doomsday for my liking but I’m willing to see what comes of it.

The film in question is actually a comic book property titled “Blood Nation.” The product of Platinum Dunes (the same folks behind the upcoming Cowboy & Aliens), Rob Moran, James Devlin and Tom Smith‘s story takes place in a near future where a vampire outbreak has forced the erection of a wall between the affected country and the rest of the word. Things go wrong when the infected find a way out of their prison, endangering humanity. To solve the problem, an elite team of commandos is sent in to, essentially, clean house.

Does it sound awesome? Meh. It certainly has the potential for being good but it’s too early to tell how this is going to play out as there are no names, asides from producers, attached to the project. More details as they come.

Via Fangoria.

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canislupy (10 years ago) Reply

Meh, I'd much rather see a good adaptation of Tooth and Nail by Craig Dilouie. Envision if you will, Heat's gun battle through the streets of a city, gunfire echoing... between the military and mad dogs. No fast paced jerky cameras shit either; wide shots, close in faces reacting to the horrors of soldiers killing infected and civilians alike in an effort to survive... brilliant I tell you!

Who wants to option this with me? :)

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