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quietearth [Film Festival 04.30.10] Hungary movie trailer news drama

While there was some question as to our first post of footage of this film being from the 2007 play that it's adapted from, this footage is definitely from the film. While still not giving much away, I'm incredible excited for it, especially with the film revolution going on in Hungary right now.

The film, inspired by a world-famous classic gothic novel, Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein", is a story of a creative/creating man and its creature. The myth of a man yearning for love and being outcast nonetheless comes to life again in the encounter between father and son.

A director is preparing for the making of a film in an apartment house, that might have seen some better days. The teenage boy who has run away from a reformatory institute and is looking for his mother gets into the film casting process practically by accident. The course of dramatic events is set off as the naivety and straightforward purity of the boy make him do such sudden action that leads to a deadly accident. Nothing has ever happened to the director before that didn’t come of his own free will. He senses that he has met a greater force here, in the person of the boy. When he realizes that the peculiar and meek boy is his son, who came to this earth unwanted many years ago, he has no choice but to start going on an incalculable journey on an untrodden path. In different circumstances their encounter may be a chance for a fresh start.

The film is about the responsibility of love and the arrogance of the creating man, temping Providence. To see our own selves in another being and to transgress the boundaries of our will and out interests, bearing up against the weight of our creation. This is what is at stake in the story of father and son.

Footage after the break.

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