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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.13.10] Spain movie trailer news horror thriller

Guillem Morales’ name may not yet be familiar this side of the pond but it’s quite likely that his new film Julia’s Eyes (Los ojos de Julia) may do for his career what The Orphanage did for Juan Antonio Bayona’s: put him on Hollywood’s map. The reason for that? Morales’ film comes from the same production company (hello Guillermo del Toro, good to see you’re keeping busy) and looks just as good.

The film stars Belen Rueda as Julia, a woman who is slowly losing her eyesight due to a degenerative disease. When her twin sister, who also suffers from the same illness, turns up dead in her home, everyone suspects suicide but Julia isn’t convinced and starts searching for answer to her sister’s death.

It’s a stylishly spooky trailer, one that doesn’t reveal much of the film but sets it up as one of these "things that go bump in the night" thrillers, the type were you don't see what's out there haunting you until it's too late.

Trailer after the break.

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