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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 06.10.10] Tuvalu post apocalyptic zombies trailer news

While I'm no fan of behind the scenes videos, how can we pass this up? It's for AMC's highly anticipated adaptation of the PA zombie comic we all love.. and man, am I excited. But I'm still not watching it.

Video after the break.

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Finriz (10 years ago) Reply

Fuck Yeah


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Oh I so want to go to zombie school!


soma (10 years ago) Reply

I so want to be in a Zombie movie.


uncleB (10 years ago) Reply

a couple xanax and we could all walk like that!


Blakberi (10 years ago) Reply

This seems a little bit made up to me! Can you imagine if they were pulling our collective legs?!


Ivan (10 years ago) Reply

I often walk like that at the office, an hour before the end of the working time.


andy (10 years ago) Reply

As a high school teacher by trade, i go to Zombie School EVERYDAY!


Ann Gallagher (10 years ago) Reply

I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks but it looks like alot of fun,lol!...I've been entering the contest( like thousands of others ). The Walking Dead is an awsome series. :)


Dollywood123 (7 years ago) Reply

It would be great to be a extra in a zombie movie or the Walking dead. I live in Tn and would love to go back to L.A. to do that. I go to the studios about every year now and just close my eyes and wish I could be a extra in all types of movies.

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