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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.16.10] movie trailer news short scifi

It’s my guess that when the general public sees this, it may spark a frenzy of excitement. Maybe not to the level of Fede Alvarez’s Panic Attack (“Ataque de Pánico” – see it here) because it seems to be a little more involved, but man, it looks darn promising.

R.O.A.C.H. comes to us from Italy and director Sergio Luca Loreni. The 30 minute short is a completely independent production and as is clear from the trailer, features some heavy CG all of which looks top shelf.

The story takes place in 2068 and is set in a place very similar to Minsk, the capital of Belarus which sits nestled on the borderline between Russia and Europe, called New Minsk. In this future incarnation, corporations have near complete control of industry and communication. The story follows one man who rises up against one of the most powerful multinational corporations exposing the company’s genetic experimentation project code named R.O.A.C.H.

It sounds promising and the trailer really is top notch stuff. Currently the trailer is only available in Italian though Loreni has assured me that an English verion of the film will be making its way online in the near future. At that point, it should make more sense but for now, the visuals are more than enough of a draw.

Big props to Avery for digging up the footage.

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I usually don't agree with your saying something looks top notch but this time I will agree this looks Fantastic!!!!!!!!


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Looks like two completely different movies jammed up next to each other. The CGI and live action don't mesh AT ALL. He needs at least one more layer of texture and much better lighting on the CG stuff to make it believable.

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