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quietearth [Film Festival 09.17.10] Spain movie trailer news comedy

Heard the one about The Invisible Man doing Wonder Woman? Yeah, Superman comes in for a quicky and someone's a** ends up sore. Now you get the drift.

We've been waiting on footage for this one for quite some time and it's finally dropped and it certainly doesn't disappoint. I think this should also be labeled "crime" and "thriller".

RICKY will die tonight. A bullet is speeding inexorably towards his head. Thoughts whirl in his brain, trying to find a reason why this lump of lead is about to put an end to his life…

“Neon Flesh” is Ricky’s (Mario Casas) journey from a futureless hustler in the outskirts of Barcelona to a respected businessman. His first step is to open a strip joint, the same sort of business that got his mother (Victoria Abril) into jail, earning him some respect, and perhaps some affection.

“Neon Flesh” is a story of survival, of characters driven by desperation and chance, just like this bullet, which stops an instant before slamming onto Ricky’s brain.

NSFW Teaser after the break.

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wheatley_s (11 years ago) Reply

wow, looks surprisingly good....hahaha first post!!!!

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