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quietearth [Celluloid 09.21.10] Russia short scifi

I was thinking of putting a "daily dopeness" headline, but I'm not about to put up short films everyday. However, we do from time to time when they're worth it and this diddy is better then any of Michael Bay's crap. Probably because it's only three minutes, but still, cellphones with missiles? Yes please.

Now if only my android could do this.

Trailer after the break. Thanks to sevenape for the heads up.

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Sean (11 years ago) Reply

Michael Bay's crap??

Wow, what a moron you are.....whoever you are. Next time, don't write that kind of crap. I know web nerds like you LOOOOOOVE to hate popular and successful films, but in this case it's just not working.

Now go trash Dragonball, or better yet stay away from the computer. You'll do us all a favor.


Inhert (11 years ago) Reply

Aren't we all defensive?

I agree, Michael Bay's films were overhyped graphics-fests. It was entirely lacking in a well-written, interest story, and it had some terrible acting to boot. All Megan Fox did in the second film was run and shout.

I love how so many small short-films come out so much better than the mass-produced crap being funnelled out of Hollywood today. I just thank god that Quiet Earth can provide me with my film needs....


sevenape (11 years ago) Reply

let's all be honest the transformer films were terrible! Not saying popular films can't be good, I mean take the batman films and inception as an example.. or district 9 or even the goddam toy stories... transformers on the other hand was poo


Richard Brunton aka Filmstalker (11 years ago) Reply

Shall I take some middle ground? The Bay Transformers looked great, but come to plot, depth, weight, the story fell flat and the action scenes were too closely cropped, cut far too fast and employed all those Hollywood traits that make action sequences too hard to follow and just a series of flashing images that you manage to work out after you see the end of the scene.

Nope, that wasn't middle ground was it? Yes, Transformers weren't very good films, just flashing images and short sequences for those who don't like thought during films and like plenty of noise and flashing lights.

I really like the short. They've been quite brave to really pull back on the robots and it looks rather cool, and it's amazing how well they've made the transformations. Looks great for a short.

Is this a pre-cursor to anything?


zenseeker (11 years ago) Reply

The Transformer films are not awful, in fact they rank as two of my favourite movies.

They are action films based upon 80's toys, you expecting Citizen Kane?

Sure this short is cool, but you could never say it's better, or worse, than Bay's movies.


Grendel_Khan (11 years ago) Reply

Sorry I grew up with the transformers...and despite and grew out of them when I was I child, because I knew how stupid they were...hell look at episodes of robot chicken transformers; as for the Bay films...they are garbage, but it is people like you that make that man so rich he is laughing at us (what suckers we are); I would rather give that 220 million he had to make that film to bunch of independent up & coming directors, who can give me things like district 9, meatball machine & ANYTHING their fresh imaginations could come up with! I am sick of hollywood! I worked 12 years in the theater industry & all I saw was garbage....instead of screening movies I would rather go home & search for films I have seen or heard about in twitch & here in quiet Earth. If you all think that transformers are so great why do you frequent here...? Run back & worship michael Bay while he laughs all the way to the bank!...he does not even care what he puts up as long as it is shiny & pretty, the stupid people will say oooohhh & AHHHH 7 fork over $11.00 for the movie $25.000 for the dvd with his extra featurette of how to make stupid people feel cool...put a pretty girl with low cleavage & shiny things with explosions & they come a runnin'!


uncleB (11 years ago) Reply

I really like this short although it was grabbed straight out of the first transformers movie, my favorite part by the way.


Aruta (11 years ago) Reply

Wow people who actually liked the transformers movies from Bay. Just, wow. o_O

This short however, rocks hard! Thanx 4 posting! Hope those guys make a movie so the franchise can finaly get some well deserved reviving!


Shuyin (11 years ago) Reply

The 1st Transformers movie was great. I expected it to be low on story, high on action and special fx. Was not disapointed. If i want an itneresting, multi-layered plot, i'll watch The Prestige again. For what it was, the 1st Transformers was good. I've never seen the 2nd though.

LOL @Aruta ad the others that say this short is better than the Transformers movies. In terms of plot a comparison can't be made (since none of them have one :D ) and in terms of special effects if you think this short is better, you're blind. In terms of direction, it's a ripoff of a scene from the 1st Transformers. I guess, people just like to hate :)


street (11 years ago) Reply

in soviet russia, movie make cheesy peoples

up next, shirtless bat mans with soundstracking by gun & rose and nickelsbock.

it is being "DOPE"


donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

I think U guys are taking this just a little to seriously. This was kind of funny and kind of fun.


rek (11 years ago) Reply

"in fact they rank as two of my favourite movies."

Being your favourite movies doesn't make them good, it means you liked them.

I really can't believe the taste level of QE's readership now. Defending Bayformers as anything but mindless popcorn entertainment?

But to the short itself: Bravo! A mix of Transformers and Pokemon, good idea. Is everyone in Russia shirtless? Maybe that can be explored in a sequel.

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