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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.23.10] India movie trailer news scifi drama

Bollywood is so far out of my comfort zone that I only know of the films being produced there when someone brings them to my attention. Case in point: The Robot (Endhiran).

Directed by S. Shankar this bit of cheeky entertainment stars Rajnikanth and the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai who some may remember as Mira in Doug Lefler’s The Last Legion. The story’s pretty simple: a doctor, played by Rajnikanth, creates a robot who, after some modification, begins to experience human emotions. He falls in love with Sana (Rai) while the bad guys try to acquire the robot for their own purposes. That’s all fine and good but this is Bollywood so don’t forget to add in music (by the Oscar winning A. R. Rahman) and dance numbers (and I expect a lengthy running time).

Gloriously cheesy, the trailer is full of questionable CG, winks to The Terminator and though there are no dance numbers in the trailer itself, there is plenty to suggest that they do exist within the film.

The insane trailer, via the Avery Mining Corp., after the break.

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wtf (11 years ago) Reply

can't wait to see it :)


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Superstar Rajinikanth rocks.. :)
Can't sleep well till I watch the movie.. 1st Day 1st show.. :(


Endhiran (11 years ago) Reply

Note : This is a Tamil Movie and not a bollywood Movie , bollywood movies = Hindi Movies only , This is an Indian Movie but not bollywood


Aravindhan (11 years ago) Reply

Hi Marina,
Wen it comes 2 recognizing Indian movies, it s always Bollywood centric. It s no one's fault.
India, not just has diverse languages, religion & culture. But also diverse Cinemas tht cater de Indian audiences with their movies.
We hav Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, etc (Courtesy: Hollywood) - South Indian Counterparts of Bollywood.
All these r no less than Bollywood. All hav produced world renowned artists & film-makers.
For instance, Oscar winner A.R. Rahman, Sivaji Ganesan (Chevalier), Mani Ratnam (Jaeger-LeCoultre - Glory 2 de Filmmaker award). And last but not least Superstar Rajinikanth (Who has stolen Millions of Hearts of Japanese too). These r just to name a few 4rm Kollywood alone.

So pls. cite the movies as Bollywood only wen u r sure abt it.
Otherwise, just refer to them as Indiawood. :)

The movie "Enthiran - the Robot" is a Kollywood (Lang. Tamil) production.
But also releasing in Tollywood (Telugu) & Bollywood (Hindi) versions.

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