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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.22.10] Germany trailer apocalyptic news scifi drama

In the opening few seconds of the trailer for Lars Kraume’s The Days to Come (Die kommenden Tage, or The Coming Days as it’s referred to in some places) was looking like your average drama (there may be hints of some scifi bits in the voiceover but my lack of German can’t make it out). But then there’s this little scene, quick and inconspicuous, that suggests otherwise.

The deal here? The near future. Perhaps even the apocalypse. Check out the official synopsis:

THE DAYS TO COME is the story of an upper-middle-class Berlin family on their personal journey from the present into a near future, a journey into a time of uncertainty and major changes. Due to a rare antibody reaction, Laura Kuper has to choose between her desire to have children and Hans the love of her life. Her sister Cecilia is driven into the abyss of a newly emerging terrorist movement by her unrequited love to Konstantin. And then there is Philip, the youngest child of the family, pulled into a hopeless war for Germany, over the few remaining oilfields of Asia.

A destabilized family tackles a destabilized world, entering their future with all their hopes and fears.

Essentially, a family drama set to the backdrop of world collapse. With Bernadette Heerwagen, Johanna Wokalek, August Diehl and the fabulous (and super busy) Daniel Brühl. Sign me up.

Trailer, alas only in German, after the break.

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donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the trailer it’s always interesting how people in other places see the world and themselves though film. I not quite sure what to make of this I don’t speak German, but what did leap out at me that if you turned off the sound and looked at the trailer this could have been anywhere in Europe. It’s fascinating to see the Germans are showing the same disquiet over the future as here in the US keep up the great work.


Dabbld (11 years ago) Reply

At the beginning she's talking about the foreshadowing of coming events that will change the world.

A war is coming that will concern everyone.

That's about the vibe. Being german I don't have a very high opinion of our movies these days, but this one sure looks interesting.


John (11 years ago) Reply

THe stills are here:


at dabbid (10 years ago) Reply

agree. nt a lot of good contemp. german cinema. this does look good thou.
a lot of good german actors together as well.


planetreckless (10 years ago) Reply

seen this one the past weekend. much to my regret, it´s mostly wasted potential. the PA setting is merely a background for a family / love drama plot and only shines in a few (and way too short) moments - which is really sad, given the unique opportunity for a german production to stand out as a visionary movie. don´t waste your time and head directly to "Snowblind" ...


Gonca (10 years ago) Reply

A strong one. Really strong one. I know, I could not bear my self after watching the movie, but it is really not that far from the reality :(
Oil, Oil, Oil :( :(

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