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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.09.10] Germany movie news

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I don't have much on this other than a few tweets from Alvart saying he's done writing adaptations of two German novels that's I've never heard of. The first is Ultra-Low by Thor Kunkel and the second is WWII murder mystery "The Widow Killer" by Pavel Kohout. I'm assuming the novels are being made into German language productions, but I could be wrong.

The Widow Killer: "murder and national politics became inextricably intertwined in Prague in the waning months of World War II. The murder and ritualistic mutilation of a widowed German baroness by a Czech is the lever for the gestapo to send a top police official to work with, and infiltrate, the Czech police, thought to be the last bastion and source of weapons in the occupied nation. Then a trap to catch the serial killer tragically fails, only because of a gestapo raid on the Czech police. Unseasoned Czech detective Jan Morava, with the support of his politically savvy superintendent and the cooperation of gestapo chief inspector Erwin Buback, is renewed in his determination to hunt down the killer, but he is thwarted as Allied forces advance on the city and violence breaks out on both sides."

Anyone know what "Ultra-Low" is about? The translation I get from is complete giberish, but the cover has me intrigued.

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Dude (4 years ago) Reply

Ultra-Low is about some crazy young guys in Frankfurt 1979 who take a lot of drugs and try to get famous with a strip show. They fail and start some destruction mayhem and murder. Summary is from memory...


agentorange (4 years ago) Reply

Thanks Dude! That sounds really... weird.


Dude (4 years ago) Reply

It's so weird, I'd say it's unfilmable. But hey, I thought the same of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...


Anonymous (4 years ago) Reply

i read a review of ultra low(german title - kuhls kosmos) and it described the book as "neo pulp" which seems quite fitting.
it tells the story of a drug and sex addict who is also into heavy league arms dealing. he shoots up a discotheque and then flees the country.
you could compare it in style to enter the void, doberman and maybe a serbian film.

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