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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.10.10] Israel movie short horror

This just in: Israeli films are frickin' weird. I just received a link to this 6 minute short called Eaten from QE reader Avery and I must say I am impressed... and s little disturbed. Written and directed by Elad Rath, it is, I think, a look into insanity - but who knows. Whatever it is, it is well acted and well shot.

The plot is pretty simple. A man and a demon with a penchant for eating gross stuff sit at a table while the world explodes around them. But, is the world coming to an end because of the man? Is he living inside his own conscience?

Anyway, check it out in all its weird (possibly NSFW) glory after the break.

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trogen (11 years ago) Reply

that was excellent!


John (11 years ago) Reply



r0a5k1ll (11 years ago) Reply

absoloutely brilliant! loved the demons voice!


phucqer (11 years ago) Reply

fuck ya!

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