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Italian director Boris Acosta wants us to know that Dante's Inferno Documented is not a documentary. However, it is also not your standard feature film. It is a "four-quadrant" film presented as "a visual and narrative journey told by over 30 scholars and artists from Italy and the United States"... which I think means it's people talking over artwork.

It features actor Eric Roberts (Expendables, Best of the Best... that Killers video) as the famous Dante who journeys into hell, Jeff Conaway, Monsignor Marco Frisina from The Vatican and Italian Legend Arnoldo Foà, among many others.

According to Acosta, "the main purpose of this documentary is to present Dante's story in an easy and understandable way to encourage people to read The Divine Comedy. The production will give 10% of its revenue to charity to promote The Divine Comedy throughout the world.

Dante's Inferno Documented is expected to premiere in Europe and North America at major film festivals, soon to be announced in the "Festivals" page.

The video below is a bit more than a trailer and more like a PREVIEW of the actual film.

Side note: I think Dario Argento makes an appearance in the film - at least he's listed in the credits on IMDB.

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EV (11 years ago) Reply

Very nice, I enjoyed that! It's a great idea to make 'The Divine Comedy' more accessible, it's such an incredible piece of work.


uncleB (11 years ago) Reply

Will the "bedbug" get his thumbs?


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Boris Acosta is not Italian but Italian/American!

Yes, 2 thumbs up for making The Divine Comedy accessible to all of us.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

After watching the preview above, it is obviously NOT just "people talking over artwork", but also over live action excerpts from the silent film L'Inferno from 1911, as well as over some animation clips. I wonder if the person who wrote this article took the time to watch this preview. Anyway, it is really refreshing to see that someone is taking The Divine Comedy seriously to put it into films.


Sylph (11 years ago) Reply

Are these trained actors they're using?

The voiceover talent sounds about one notch up from a highschool freshman drama club: poor pacing with overblown, but paradoxically flat, delivery. Maybe next time they can contract with Patrick Stewart? At least he can deliver the most bombastic of lines and still make it sound good.

Dante deserves better than this.


sofia (10 years ago) Reply

The writer above seems to be quite an ignorant to say the least. He does not know who Eric Roberts is, or some other high profile actors? Geez. Anyway, I found this film to be one to look forward to watch. Does anybody know when and where it'll be out?

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