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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.25.11] France movie trailer news drama crime

Last year saw a big push for family crime dramas with the release of Animal Kingdom (review) and Down Terrace and though I don’t expect we’ll see another year with two films at that particular level of excellence, I expect that The Lord’s Ride (La BM du seigneur) may be a good contender for the part.

Written and directed by Jean-Charles Hue, this little French title focuses on Yeniche, a traveller community where respect for the elders and religious fervour go together with law breaking. Fred is both feared and respected by his people until one day, when stealing a car, he is visited by an angel. The event changes his life completely but going straight in a community that respects lawbreaking is tougher than he could have imagined and could mean his death.

I was immediately in love with this trailer which feels so much like a documentary. Of all things, the first film that came to mind after seeing the trailer was Lance Hammer’s Ballast which created an amazing mood that felt like another character – I had the same feeling watching this trailer. Violence and revelation are mere extras at this point.

Trailer, sadly only in French, after the break.

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