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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.27.11] short cult experimental webseries

Here's what we know: Obvious secrets of Aura Hodor is an upcoming webseries introducing Hermina Fátyol as Aura Hodor. It's created by Pater Sparrow, director of 2009's Stienslaw Lem adaptation, 1, and produced by his same team, Iván Angelusz & Péter Reich.

First episodes are to air quite soon - we've read end of January - so we'll be keeping our eyes on the production's Facebook page.

Badly translated quotes from Sparrow:

"Aura should be understood as a comic book movie without a comic book: episodes are 2-3 minute and talk about a situation in cubes of képregénypanel. With a view also reflected in the structure of comics in the series, you can connect to it at any time, because the episodes themselves are insular."

The photography will be "black-and-white, heavily experimental". Hermina Veil (Alice Wolf and the Seven, High Voltage) plays the heroine named Aura, who directed the drafting of "this is primarily an observer, but rather to communicate visually, not very verbal, or if they do, there are strange reactions. His vision presented through the world, where the series takes place. "

"And though this world is "sick and grotesque, without consequences" and "Kafkaesque Budapest" run-down city in Eastern Europe, it appears, but the most comical tone of the series, "a laughing ourselves" typical of the approach. "In the situations we've found that really happen, and the dramatic points túllöktük them" - says the director. The bizarre, but humorous situations mentioned a specific example: young people using slang words to talk to each shell, thus karikírozva the young people it real."

So.... get any of that.

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Anonymous (8 years ago) Reply

cant wait.


John (8 years ago) Reply

aurA (TV series) (pre-production)

– The Bait (2011)
– The Magnet (2011)
– The Lipstick (2011)
– The Triangle (2011)

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