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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.02.11] post apocalyptic movie news scifi horror

According to Screen Daily, Vaca Films are set to make an English language adaptation based on Juan De Dios Garduño’s best-selling novel "Y Pese A Todo" (the film is currently being called "Welcome To Harmony.")

The I am Legend style film is about a World War III where the US, Great Britain and Israel fight against Iran, China and Russia. It focuses on a father and daughter and their hated neighbor who have survived the apocalypse in Maine and have to deal with "unwanted visitors" (see angry zombie thing to the right).

Director Miguel Ángel Vivas (Kidnapped) is currently writing the script for the project alongside ex-Filmaxer who brought us [REC], Alberto Marini.

Thanks to Dread Central for some tid bits.

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soma (11 years ago) Reply

I've been trying to find an english translation of the book. can anyone hook me up?

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